Baegun Valley and Stratum

Baegun Valley and Stratum tourists visit all year round

236-31, Pohwa-ro, Idong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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Baegun Valley located in Mt. Baegunsan foothills is a valley formed by clean and clear water flowing from the top of Mt. Gwangdeok and Mt. Baegunsan and west.

The valley is about 10km long and ponds and strange rocks and bizarre stones are harmonized, creating the beauty. Baegun Valley was named because clear and cold water like ice even in summer flows and Taoist hermit sat in the middle of clouds. In the entry to the Baegun Valley, there is Heungnyongsa Temple, an one-thousand year old temple and Geumgwang falls 30m high are located upstream.

View of Baegun Valley

A rock mainly observed in Baegun Valley is Mesozoic Jurassic granite and you can observe various geological structures including strata due to tectonic movement. In the valley, dike penetrating granite is observed and you can see the traces of strata where these dikes are dislocated each other. It can be also seen that vertical and joints of vertical and horizontal directions are developed in the upstream of Baegun Valley. This is a scenically outstanding attraction because small ponds and falls are developed by erosion of the valley river in addition to this geological structure.

Traces of strata observed in Baegun Valley