Geo Trail

Hantan River Columnar Joint Road

  • Course :
    1. Auraji Pillow Lava
    2. Jeongokri ruins (Hantan attraction)
    3. Eundaeri Fortress
    4. Dogampo (Imjin River Hapsumeori)
  • Total distance :27.9km
  • Total required time :9~10 hour

Yeoncheon section Hantan River Columnar Joint Road is a total of 27.9㎞ and is divided into four sections from Youngpyeongcheon, the boundary with Pocheon to Dogampo where Hantan River meets with Imjin River.

The Youngpyeongcheon road (Pureunae road) is 5.5㎞ from Cheongsanmyeon Baekuiri Youngpyeongcheon to Auraji where Youngpyeongcheon meets Hantan River. Misogil of the land from Auraji to Gotan Bridge toward Hantan downstream is 8.3㎞. And the road to Eundaeri Fortress where Hantan River meets Chatancheon in Gotan Bridge toward next downstream is the Prehistoric ruins road and its total length is 8.2㎞ and finally, Dogampogil to Dogampo where Hantan River meets Imjin River is 5.9㎞.
In Hantan River columnar joint road of full length 27.9㎞ surrounding Hantan River of Yeoncheon side, you can feel from prehistoric ruins to Three Kingdoms era and modern and contemporary historical ruins and the life of the local residents living in modern times in addition to scenery of columnar joints.

  • Auraji Pillow Lava