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Pureunae Village

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Everything of agricultural experience Pureunae Village

This is Pureunae Village, Geo Village located in front of Auraji Pillow Lava and Jwasangbowi Rock, Hantan Riverside geological attractions. Equipped with rural tourism infrastructure for the operation of programs such as farmhouse bed & breakfast village, Klenin Garten and group experience bed & breakfast village, rural experience, Pureunae Village is decorated with the venue of exchanges with urban citizens as the village of citizens’ rural experience. In Pureunae Village, there are libraries and study rooms with 16,000 books and also there is an indoor badminton gym and thus, it is perfect for the reading and relaxation space in the country.

After all the preparation such as simple food of unpolluted clean area, memories of fireflies and relaxation with those you love with nature while baking and eating sweet potatoes, corn, potatoes on a campfire, Pureunae Village is waiting for visitors. Thanks to a variety of programs that can experience the country with various seasonal nature, it is one of Korea’s 10 rural experience recreation villages.