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Gyodong Jangdokdae Village

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Which boasts beautiful natural environment and harmonyGyodong Jangdokdae Village

Gyodong Jangdokdae Village is a traditional rural town harmonized with the beautiful landscape of Hantan River and Jijang Mountain, where residents love the nature and grow agricultural products and many urban residents and foreigners come to visit. The beautiful residential complex may be the cleanest and coolest one in Korea.

Gyodong Jangdokdae Village was renovated after it was designated in 1995 as a package town, for which 2 billion KRW of budget was invested. The government could make the investment because the town had been produing famous clean rice and developing the surrounding environment.

Jangdokdae Village, as the best farm-stay village in Korea, offers various experience events (mushroom picking, crawfish catching, ceramics, valley exploration, ddeok making, etc.) and week-end farming. Also, at Gyodong Gamaso, Meongwuri Valley, an attraction of the nearby Hantan River Geopark, allows you to enjoy geological experiences. In addition, the clean accommodation offers comfortable place to stay for various groups and families visiting the village.