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The Peace Village of Cranes

  • Town view
  • Farming experience
  • Minesweeper Experience

the Lava Plateau village Daemari, which becomes one with clean natureThe Peace Village of Cranes

The Peace Village of Cranes is a representative village of Cheorwon, which has been declared a clean area by the Ministry of Environment. This village mainly grows Odae-rice in the fertile soil of the lava plateau. Agriculture has been developed early due to its fertile soil and abundant water from Yeokgokcheon Stream, and various crops such as odae rice, cucumbers, honey, red pepper, tomatoes, paprika, sweet pumpkin, and Yeoju are grown.
Using the characteristics of Hyanggun Village, which pioneered the wasteland, we operate various experience tours, including mine-hunting experience, treasure-hunting experience at the Baekma highland, tofu making experience, rice-clay experience using Cheorwon Odae rice, and the Hyanggyo Tea ceremony experience.

It is a representative experience village that can be used as a course for geological tourism, with various seminars and experience events by using the Crane Hall as a accommodation.